SCGC™ PP P483JU is a developmental of high stiffness polypropylene impact copolymer product which contains anti-static agent and UV stabilizer. It is designed for very high stiffness, creep resistance, and high heat resistance while maintain a good impact strength than those of general impact copolymer polypropylene and suitable for injection molding application.

Properties Test Methods Value
Melt Flow Rate at 230 °C and 2.16 kg (g/10 min) ASTM D 1238 5.00
Tensile Strength at Yield (kg/cm²) ASTM D 638 @ Crosshead speed 50 mm/min 300
Flexural Modulus (kg/cm²) ASTM D 790 16,500
Izod Impact Strength at 23°C (J/m) ASTM D 256 108
Izod Impact Strength at 0 °C (J/m) ASTM D 256 69
Izod Impact Strength at -20 °C (J/m) ASTM D 256 59