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       We focus on cultivating core values, ethical corporate culture along with our operating performance and have adhered to our governance practices, corporate governance principles, and our corporate governance handbook rules. To provide increased assurance to all stakeholders including the regulatory authorities, the Board of Directors ensure good corporate governance principles and guidelines including our code of conducts are complied with in all levels of our operations by the directors, management and employees in all countries in which we operate, in addition to strict compliance with the laws and regulations by setting up compliance management system and performing self-assessment compliance on existing and new laws and regulations.

      We believe that all our personnel understand such principles and practices and exercise their discretion in the performance of their duties strictly in accordance the established guidelines. To deal with any act that may be contrary to our code of conduct, or behavior that may raise a suspicion of corruption, we have put in place a whistleblowing process in accordance with international standards and provide protection to informants and whistleblowers. Furthermore, we also have self-assessment process on the operational, control and corruption issues to ensure compliance with the proper internal control and the alignment of anti-corruption policy.

Restructuring the Board of Directors to propel the Organization toward Sustainability.
The Board of Directors was restructured to ensure that it has an appropriate composition and size, with independent directors accounting for more than half of the total number of directors. The Chairman of the Board of Directors is an independent director who is not the Chief Executive Officer, without regard to gender, nationality, ethnicity, etc.
Appointing the Sub-committees
to comprise of the Audit and Risk Management Committee, the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, and the Governance and Sustainable Development Committee to reinforce unsustainable operations.
Establishing the Charter of the Board of Directors and the Charter of the Sub-committees, Corporate Governance Policies and Practices,
which define the scope of duties and responsibilities in accordance with sound corporate governance principles, such as corporate governance structure and mechanism, policies and guidelines for directors and executives, etc. All of which shall be examined annually to ensure compliance with changing regulations and conditions.

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Policies and guidelines
for corporate governance

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