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Sustainable Development Issues

SCG Chemicals or SCGC Sustainable Development Committee identifies key sustainability issues for the company (Enterprise Materiality) in 2021 by reviewing sustainability issues raised in 2017 as well as looking at key changes of global and regional trends. Opinion from key stakeholders, sustainable development issues in the same industry, risks, and opportunities that may arise throughout the value chain based on the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) Framework, GRI Standards edition.


Collect the issues.
  • Collected the issues related to sustainbable development from three dimensions:economy, society, and the environment.
  • Surveyed opinions from internal and external stackholders on sustainable development issues.


Prioritize the importance to SCG Chemicals.
  • Conducted workshops to assess key issues and their impacts.
  • Prioritized issues by evaluating scores, weights, and frequencies.


Prioritize the importance to stackholder
  • Assessed key issues and impacts to stackholders.
  • Ptioritized form the weighting and evaluating by Rating Agency such as DJSI.


Develop SCGC's Materiality Metrics.
  • Prioritized sustainability issues with respect to importance to SCGC and stackholders.
  • Reviewed and validated by senior executives.

Our Materiality