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Improve Value Chain Management

SCGC invented and developed the Digital Commerce Platform (DCP) to connect data

from customer orders to supply chain management data.

The platform contributes to a 70% reduction in customer response time by enabling consumers to track order status at any time, from anywhere, aligned with the new normal lifestyle. In addition, Chemicals Business can use the system's databases to analyze them and improve value chain management swiftly and precisely.

Additionally, we employ digital technology to analyze and assess raw material pricing and purchasing opportunities using market prices from internal and external companies. As a result, this improves the efficiency of the sourcing process and makes it more suited for the current market conditions. Furthermore, SCGC develops a prototype to gather information for the production simulation model and new product development process, allowing for a quicker launch of new products to meet consumer demand.

Increase Production Process Efficiency

SCGC uses digital technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) to boost its competitiveness in various ways.

Among the noteworthy examples we employ to improve production processes is a collaboration with world-class companies to expand the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning for predictive maintenance systems for all machinery in key facilities. The technology can detect more than 100 pre-malfunctions and is commercially available to customers.

We have included digital technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), into the production process to identify and prevent issues before they arise.  Doing this makes it possible to maintain the plants' efficiency at all times. We also use it to manage manufacturing along the entire supply chain, and we can implement real-time optimization, which is crucial for boosting competitiveness.

Likewise, to meet consumer demands, SCGC employs the Digital Commerce Platform (DCP) to handle data in a way that provides real-time visibility from order receipt to delivery, allowing customers to make decisions instantly. Additionally, employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere while using customer feedback to explore and develop new products. By minimizing the time required for data gathering and documentation, we can spend more time with our customers and be a more effective business partner. It is a necessary aspect of keeping the business running smoothly and continuously.