SCGC™ PE WAX performance additives will aid in the performance enhancement of your textile production process.
SCGC oxidized polyethylene waxes are manufactured utilizing SCGC's unique manufacturing method,
with conscientious care to ensure a narrow range of variability in their properties and consistent product quality.
Our oxidized polyethylene waxes are intended for use in wax emulsions in the textile sector with variety of benefits,
including improved wax stability in emulsion, improved sewability and handling of textile, a smooth surface of textile, and increased abrasion resistance.

PVC, Paint & Coating, Textile

Our oxidized low-density polyethylene wax, OX102P, is manufactured using an unique manufacturing technique developed by SCGC™. Our products are meticulously made to guarantee a narrow range of variability in their properties and a constant level of product quality. SCGC™'s Oxidized low-density polyethylene wax is specifically made for PVC, textile, and paint and coating applications.