SCG Chemicals or SCGC is a leading integrated chemical player in ASEAN with strategic bases in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.

SCGC focuses on inventing "Chemical Innovations" to drive ASEAN economy and elevate the quality if life, in accordance with ESG and circular economy.

SCGC develops technology and innovation towards HVAs in infrastructure, consumable packaging, mobility, medical and well-being, and energy solutions.

Our main business is the production of plastic resins or polymers molded into products used in our everyday lives, ranging from food packaging, automotive parts, medical equipment, electrical appliances to infrastructures, such as pressure-resistant pipes and telecommunication cables, among others. Additionally, SCGC operates other businesses connected to our primary business, including SCGC Floating Solar Solutions, clean energy solutions, emisspro® coating solutions for industrial furnaces, and many more. The chemical innovations developed by SCGC are pragmatic and applicable to daily lives and include innovations with industrial applications.


SCGC will lead the region in tandem with strengthening ASEAN's sustainable prosperity and will seek to create value for its customers, employees, business partners, communities in which it operates, and stakeholders, following the principles of corporate governance and global safety standards. Additionally, we seek to improve the quality of life of individuals through the production of quality products and services, technological ad-vancement, and innovation excellence.