Polyvinyl Chloride Homopolymer

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is among the most versatile plastics with a wide variety of end use applications; e.g. packaging articles and construction. It is available in many rigid and flexible forms - both durable and light weight, clear or coloured, giving designers opportunities that they would not find in any other material. This, coupled with its continuous improvement, makes PVC an important part of modern living.

SCGC™ PVC: Resin is specially designed for various application with ease in processing for your easier life.

K Value Apparent Bulk Density (g/ml) PVC Resin Type
GG600 60.00 0.65 Copolymer VIEW
GG700 70.00 0.52 Copolymer VIEW
SF580 58.00 0.59 Homopolymer VIEW
SF581 57.00 0.57 Homopolymer VIEW
SF58S 58.00 0.55 Homopolymer VIEW
SG500 49.00 0.59 Homopolymer VIEW
SG580 58.00 0.59 Homopolymer VIEW
SG58J 58.00 0.59 Homopolymer VIEW
SG610 61.00 0.58 Homopolymer VIEW
SG61J 61.00 0.58 Homopolymer VIEW