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SCGC recognizes the importance and respect for human rights in all aspects of all individuals. The Company created a committee to establish human rights policies and practices to prevent human rights violations in all of the Company's business activities, including those of its suppliers and business partners. Additionally, it has followed labor protection laws and international labor standards as a core practice in all countries in which it operates and consistently undertaking due diligence process. SCGC began enforcing its SCGC Privacy Policy on all stakeholders in 2021.

SCGC Human Rights Framework

Policy Commitment
  • Align with international standards
  • Cover all stakeholder in domestic and regional
  • Address relevant human rights issues
  • Policy and commitment communication to internal and external stakeholder
Human Rights Due Diligence
  • Identify and assess actual potential human rights impacts in own operation, value chain and new investment and business relation (M&A, JV)
  • Human rights risk assessment cover related Country/ Industry specific issues and all groups of stakeholders.
  • Develop risk mapping
Integrated in business operation
  • Identify mitigation measures
  • Develop human rights guideline
  • Regularly conducts human rights awareness and training for employee
  • Ensure acceptance and understanding via ethic testing
Monitoring and tracking
  • Set target and key performance indicators
  • Follow up performance and process review
  • Annually publicly report on human rights risk and impact assessment results
Remediation and grievance mechanisms
  • Plan and implement appropriate remediation needs
  • Develop grievance mechanism for human rights
  • Human rights incidents recording

Human Rights Due Diligence Process

Identifying Human Rights Risk Issues
Identifying Vulnerable Groups
Formulating Preventive and Mitigation Plans
Remediation Actions Monitoring Results

Promoting Employee Diversity.

SCGC seeks talented individuals to join organizations at home and abroad in which everyone is provided equitable opportunities for career growth and advancement. In 2021, SCGC Chemicals set up a working group to promote female management staff to meet the objective goal.

Establishing Corporate Culture that Respects Human Rights.

We promote our operations and employees to adhere to human rights principles and respect employee rights on a consistent basis. Examples included ensuring the confidentiality of employees' personal health information, encouraging employees to vote, and promoting activities aimed at reducing inequality, such as creating jobs for persons with disabilities to assure their sustained income. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteer activities were organized on the online platform to encourage employees to give back to the community and society, such as reading books for the blind, joining tree banks, and arranging online courses for entrepreneurs.