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Strive to drive Chemicals Business for Sustainability

SCGC's policies on sustainable development require us and our subsidiaries in Thailand and overseas to operate in accordance with the sustainable development guidelines. We assess the risks and opportunities to enhance operations at all organizational levels and take into account the short- and long-term demands, expectations of all stakeholders, and the societal and environmental impact. These policies are utilized to determine a corporate strategy that will allow for sustainable growth in a rapidly changing circumstance while maintaining a healthy balance in the economy, society, and environment.

SCGC seeks to generate values and meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders by strengthening the corporate ability to adapt to changing circumstances and assisting stakeholders in conducting business with an emphasis on sustainable development.
SCGC conducts business with integrity, providing fair and equitable treatment to employees. It strives to ensure maximum workplace safety and maintains a socially responsible stance. It also helps improve the quality of life anywhere it operates.
SCGC is committed to protecting the environment and the climate, maximizing resources, and maintaining a healthy ecological balance.