Excellence and Fairness are Our Guiding Values

          We adhere to and practice SCG’s four core values: Adherence to Fairness, Dedication to Excellence, Belief in the Value of the Individual, and Concern for Social Responsibility. We seek to generate sustainable growth in ASEAN and other countries where we operate and create value for its customers, employees, business partners, communities, and stakeholders, following the principles of corporate governance and global safety standards. The effort is to improve the quality of life of individuals through the production of quality products and services, technological advancement, and innovation excellence under the concept “Innovation that’s real”

Adherence to Fairness
Anyone associated with SCGC, whether product users, shareholders, suppliers, business partners, or employees, will be treated fairly whether doing business or working with us.
Dedication to Excellence
In everything we do, we always work to attain better outcomes. We are committed to conducting business to the best of our abilities while seeking ways to continuously and persistently progress toward excellence.
Belief in the Value of the Individual
SCGC places a great priority on employee value and views them as the most valuable asset. It has made a concerted effort to recruit morally upright and talented individuals into the workforce by offering them training, development, and appropriate care along with fair welfare and compensation.
Concern for Social Responsiblity
We have declared our intent to do business in accordance with our obligations and responsibilities to the nation and society as a whole. We will act responsibly and contribute positively to society and each community we operate in.

Embrace Challenges for Greater Good

The four core values are ingrained in SCGC people's beliefs and practices; they have been passed down from generation to generation, resulting in a corporate culture that marries talent with ethics. In addition, two extra core values have been introduced: Open and Challenge, which means welcoming new ideas and challenges and departing from the status quo. Then, everyone will be motivated to propel the business toward significant causes for the industry, society, and the environment.