Pontoon & Buoy

Floating buoys for use in freshwater and saltwater applications long-term marine erosion and sun exposure are of paramount importance.
To meet the needs of buoyancy products, SCGC™ has developed LLDPE for rotational moulding with properties that are resistant to the corrosion of sea water and the ability to withstand sunlight at a level that is higher than general products.
Our product forms include:

Natural Granules & Powders: M9001RW
Color compound & special effect (Powder form): M90

Water tanks, Underground Application, Pontoon & Buoy, Underground Application & Manhole

SCGC™ LLDPE M9001RW is linear-low density polyethylene (LLDPE) for rotational molding applications. M9001RW is a natural color available in a pellet and powder form, These grades are suitable for rotational molding of large water tanks and parts that require high stiffness.