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The Core of SCGC's Corporate Culture Is Its People

In addition to the 4 core values that SCGC adheres to as a guiding principle, we believe that “SCGC People” is the most precious. In accordance with the "Chemicals Business for Sustainability" approach, we have therefore recruited morally upright and talented individuals to join the organization, developing and promoting their potential to seize opportunities to independently create and develop chemical innovations based on social responsibility and a sustainable environment.

Embrace all challenges to invent and develop better chemical innovations

Another fundamental value ingrained in SCGC People is Open & Challenge, which encourages everyone to constantly grow and adapt to working with others by being open-minded and understanding to minimize disagreements.

Openness to hear others
Respect and Learn Collaboration, network development, and self-awareness.
Keep pursuing new success
Think outside the box, always challenge oneself for the greater good, and be expressive.