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Strive to Develop Chemical Innovations That Have Positive Impact on Planet and People

Rapid global change has led to a broad spectrum of customer needs, which are constantly evolving. In the age of change, manufacturers must figure out how to create products and services that stand out from the competition and go above and beyond what customers need and expect. Due to these challenges, SCGC incorporates innovations and digital technologies into all touchpoints to continuously introduce innovations. This improves the efficiency and competitiveness of all industries while enhancing people's quality of life and ensuring environmental sustainability.

Establish R&D Centers
SCGC establishes research and development facilities in Thailand abroad to conduct research and develop prototypes for industrial uses. This is undertaken to accommodate the various needs of customers.
Develop Catalysts
SCGC has created and developed its own catalysts to expand knowledge toward producing catalyst technologies appropriate for diverse industries and get ready for new technologies that will impact the industry in the future
Build a Prototype Plant
SCGC develops a standardized prototype plant to serve as a foundation for developing chemical innovation prototypes that will be further refined into innovations with superior functional qualities.
Innovation Prototype Center
Creating and developing new chemical innovations to perfectly fulfill customer needs is one of SCGC's commitments. Our developed innovation prototype center is a crucial platform for us to continuously and constructively share our chemical innovation experiences.

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