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SCGC places considerable emphasis on building strong relationships with business customers (B2B) to better understand their needs and respond constructively with products, services, and solutions and foster collaborations in the development of new products and services and solutions. We have conducted customer satisfaction surveys and tracked repurchases from strategic customers, in addition to monitoring product and service quality concerns through the analysis of customer complaints and the implementation of preventative and corrective actions.

Product and Service Delivery
  • Convenience and speed of trading were enhanced by real-time monitoring of ship sales quotas and available space, as well as the verification of online trade documentation.
  • Standards were maintained through quality control of plastic resin and end products, in addition to supporting manufacturing practices and precursor attribute improvement.
  • Customer service was enhanced to be more responsive, and a digital documentation system was used to minimize human errors.
Collaboration on Innovation
  • Collaborated with customers on projects with the goal of creating and developing new prototypes into marketable products.
  • Incorporated customer demands and global trends to develop new products and solutions that signify business prospects. Among the examples were the development of an IBC tank in conjunction with Dow Chemical, PCR bottles in collaboration with Unilever, and food packaging in collaboration with Betagro.
Strengthening Customer Relationship
  • Organizing seminars to provide knowledge and direction on economic and market trends. The goal was for customers to stay informed of current situations and be prepared to plan for the future.
  • Business Development Training. The goal was to foster customer business growth through new knowledge, such as business model creation.
  • Customer Support in Times of Crisis. The goal was to support customers during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing testing kits, field hospital, etc.