About SCGC


SCGC has consistently operated and extended its business over the past four decades and is the core business that delivers exceptional performance results for SCG Group. SCGC has developed “chemical innovations” to drive the region’s economy and industry while improving people’s quality of life under Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ESG, striving toward Chemicals Business for Sustainability. Our main business is the production of plastic resins or polymers molded into products used in our everyday lives, ranging from food packaging, automotive parts, medical equipment, electrical appliances to infrastructures, such as pressure-resistant pipes and telecommunication cables, among others. Additionally, SCGC operates other businesses connected to our primary business, including SCGC Floating Solar Solutions, clean energy solutions, emisspro® coating solutions for industrial furnaces, and many more. The chemical innovations developed by SCGC are pragmatic and applicable to daily lives and include innovations with industrial applications.

A foremost leader in integrated
chemical innovations


groups of polymers

Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP)
and Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

A forerunner in HVAs development.


industry groups

With high growth rate
and embracement of global megatrends.

Teams and researchers




In Thailand and abroad

Joint ventures
with leading companies


major joint ventures

DOW, Mitsui Chemicals
และ Mitsubishi Chemical

in 2021


million Baht

Increased by 62% from the previous year.

Net profit
in 2021


million Baht

Increased by 64% from the previous year.

Number of patents obtained
in 2021



Increased by 64% from the previous year.

SCGC is committed to quality
and fairness

We conduct business with an emphasis on sustainability based on SCG’s 4 long-held core values. We are prepared to create innovations for the world and the people, driving the region toward sustainable growth.

About SCGC
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Chemicals Business for Sustainability

We have conducted business with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in mind and taken into account environmental, social, and governance considerations in compliance with the ESG guideline.

Business Practice

Over the course of 40 years of solid business operations and sustainable growth, we have adhered to business practices that account for all stakeholders along the entire value chain.