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Innovation That's Real

Hybrid Workplace
Good Quality of Life and Happy Workplace
Family-friendly Benefits
Enjoy a vast array of benefits
Hybrid Workplace: A way of working where productivity and innovation remain uninterrupted.

Experience a new normal way of working as a result of the SCGC's Work From Home policy, which enables remote working through effective communication technologies and fulfills the working requirements of the digital world by boosting working proximity and collaboration via a meeting platform.

SCGC also makes it easier for SCGC People by providing a phone application that connects office numbers directly to employees' mobile phones, facilitating communications from coworkers and clients as if they were at the office desk.

In the midst of a rapidly changing situation, we develop operation flexibility and business resilience by implementing digital transformation to prepare processes, technologies, and personnel for digital operations. This will boost efficiency and speed while lowering health risks and raising workplace safety.

Good Quality of Life and Happy Workplace

SCGC supervises employees in compliance with the labor protection law based on Thai labor standards (TLS 8001-2553) and human rights principles in accordance with international norms. The workplace welfare committee is set up to oversee labor rights, welfare, and working conditions and regularly solicit employee input and feedback.

SCGC also works to establish a happy and accident-free workplace. As a result, it has fostered a safer environment and workplace than is required by law. In addition, the company evaluates its employees' health risks and develops initiatives to enhance employee happiness and wellbeing, both physical and mental health.

Family-friendly Benefits

SCGC believes that the family is the fundamental institution and the driving force behind all accomplishments. As such, we are prepared to provide benefits and contribute to the development of healthy family relationships as follows:

  • Health insurance for employees and their families, including coverage for spouses and children, a vaccination package for infants, and dental care for employees' children.
  • Tuition support for employees' children from kindergarten through college (up to 22 years old)
  • Family-bonding activities, such as Family Day.
Enjoy a vast array of benefits

To ensure that SCGC People enjoy a good standard of living, SCGC offers welfare benefits and advantages to those who work in the provinces or abroad. The benefits also include facility arrangements. The welfare benefits have been continuously enhanced to fulfill the needs of SCGC People comprehensively and in a manner comparable to that of leading organizations.

Provident fund

SCGC makes significant contributions to the fund, and employees can participate in its management by selecting an investment plan depending on their preferred level of risk.

Home loan

SCGC partners with major financial institutions to offer home loan packages through employee welfare with special interest rates specified by each financial institution.

Emergency loan

Financial support for disaster-related hardship

Scholarships for master's and doctoral degrees

Numerous scholarships are available for study at renowned universities in the United States, Europe, and Asia, such as Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and London Business School.

Medical facilities staffed by physicians from leading hospitals
Sports club

and leisure activities based on the interests of SCGC People.