Zyclonic™ is taking the lead to improve sanitation in Thailand and across the globe by developing and delivering revolutionary pathogen-free waste treatment products. By destroying pathogens, we can eliminate the breeding ground for diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid that kill up to 500,000 children globally under the age of five every year.

Zyclonic™ currently offers a range of compact, onsite, low impact solutions which turn human waste and wastewater into clean, reusable by-products that directly benefit the users’ health, wealth, well-being, and local surroundings.

Aquonic 600

Reusable Water: Turns dirty greywater into pathogen-free reusable water for toilet flushing and irrigation utilizing biological and electro-chemical processes.
Localized and Modular: Suitable to treat greywater from septic tanks, urinals, showers and sinks. An ideal solution to retrofit with an existing septic tank to improve overflow water quality output.

Zyclone Cube

Onsite Sustainable Byproducts: Treats both solid and liquid human waste to produce pathogen-free reusable water and soil conditioner. The liquid is treated by biological and electro-chemical processes while the solid is treated by thermal processing.
Superior Design: Manufactured from SCG’s high quality polyethylene, the Zyclone Separator device within the Zyclone Cube’s separates solid and liquid waste with an effectiveness of 98%.
Flexible Integration: The system can be connected to newly constructed toilets or retrofitted to existing toilet blocks. Appropriate for use with squat or pedestal flush toilets.

Aeronic XC1

Odorless: An add-on device for the Zyclonic Cube that utilizes selected natural microbes to eliminate odors and 99% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as hydrogen sulfide.

DIY Cubicle

Ready to Assemble: Constructed from a prefabricated aluminium frame and lightweight, durable plastic panels, a DIY cubicle can be erected by two workers with basic tools in a matter of hours.
Expandable: A cubicle can be built as a standalone toilet or multiple cubicles can be joined together to create a toilet block.
Off-Grid: With optional roof mounted solar panels, the DIY Cubicle can be used to generate off-grid energy to power the human waste treatment solutions as well as internal cubicle lighting and ventilation. The DIY Cubicle is an ideal solution for remote regions and temporary sites used for festivals and construction projects.

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