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Good Health and Well-being

SCGC's business operations involve manufacturing, services, and transportation and may therefore pose safety risks related to such activities as well as impact the health and safety of its employees, suppliers/contractors, communities, and relevant parties. Therefore, SCGC places emphasis on fostering a total safety culture in order to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Actions by SCG

  • Health and Safety
  • Community and Social Involvement
  • i2P Center

Decent Work and Economic Growth

SCGC strives to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, places emphasis on equitable and fair employment and decent work for all, as well as consistently plans its production and improves its operations to reduce impact on the environment and global resources

Actions by SCG

  • Health and Safety
  • Human Rights
  • Employee Caring and Development
  • Circular Economy

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

SCGC puts a premium on applying innovation and technology to all business activities as they are critical to the enhancement of operational efficiency, business value, and competitiveness, all of which will create resilience in the long term and promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization.

Actions by SCG

  • Innovation and Technology
  • Product Stewardship
  • SCGCC Green Polymer

Responsible Consumption and Production

SCGC has applied the principles of circular economy to its business operations to enhance resource efficiency, mitigate risks of resource scarcity in the future, and minimize environmental impact, consistent with its production targets and the sustainable consumption trend.

Actions by SCG

  • Circular Economy
  • Water Management
  • Waste Management
  • Air Quality Management

Climate Action

SCGC has committed to adapting, taking action across the operations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and joining forces with all sectors to enhance society and communities' adaptability and capabilities to respond to climate change and its potential impacts.

Actions by SCG

  • Climate Resilience
  • Partnership and Collaboration towards Sustainability
  • Environment management