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SCGC Hiring Process

Apply for a job
Those interested in working with the company can explore job openings and submit an online employment application at
Application selection
SCGC will select applicants based on their experiences, knowledge, and ability to meet business needs.
Candidate Interviewing
The company employs the interview process in the form of a hiring committee to conduct a comprehensive interview with a discussion of candidates' experience in terms of knowledge and competence to comply with the transparency requirements in the hiring decision. In addition, applicants can share their understanding of the work with the hiring committee to gain a comprehensive picture of the company's culture and job responsibilities.
Informing the results and onboarding the employee
The company will contact all applicants following the interview. The company's successful recruits will undergo a physical examination and document preparation before beginning employment.
New Employee Onboarding
On the first day of employment at SCGC, new employees are offered an employee orientation to learn an overview of the company, its corporate culture, and how SCGC works. This ensures that all employees can work happily and grow with the organization.
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SCGC believes in everyone’s potential and creativity

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