Kayaks and marine products, because they are primarily used outdoors and are exposed to water sources,
may be used at waterfalls as an adventure sport. The ability to absorb shock during use is a key feature for kayaks. SCGC™ has developed LLDPE for rotational moulding with scratch and impact resistance. Our product form for kayaks: Color compound and special effect powder forms are available in grades 3985 and S16 series.


3985 is a color compound high density polyethylene which exhibits superior mechanical properties when compared to traditional high density grades. This grade has been specifically developed for kayaks and for products that require a combination of high impact strength and rigidity. 3985 is fully UV stabilized with a minimum UV8 rating.

Automotive Parts, Kayak

SCGC™ HDPE S16 is a color compound high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for rotational moulding applications. S16 is designed for parts that require excellent stiffness and impact strength. It is fully heat and UV stabilized resulting in a wide processing latitude, good color retention, and durability.