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Sustainable Environmental
Management System

SCGC strives to be a business leader in the region, creating innovation in tandem with caring for the sustainable environment by establishing business strategy and plans, developing products and services and solutions that are considered as environmental issues, as well as educating via stakeholder engagement throughout the business value chain, comprehensively developing and expanding the environmental management toward global levels.

Sustainable Environmental
Management Process

Environmental Management System

Aiming toward sustainable development, SCGC has established an integrated environmental management system with managing, monitoring, reviewing, and improving as well as disclosing guidelines for environmental management performance and risk management covering both social and environmental aspects. SCGC has also collaborated with suppliers and service providers in order to uplift the work efficiency, creating long-term value by comprehending the phase of design, procurement, services and solutions, product distribution and logistics, as well as waste and products used management in accordance with the Circular Economy principles.

Sustainable Environmental
Management Guidelines

SCGC strictly adheres to legal compliance, including regulations, national and global standards, in order to manage environmental conservation, preventing the impact from greenhouse gases, wastes, water pollution, air pollution and odors by promoting optimization of water, energy, and resources, as well as biodiversity.

In order to ensure that SCGC has systematic Code of Practice, quality, environmental and safety management, all the subsidiaries under SCGC have acquired international standards such as (ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System, Integrated Management System (IMS), OHSAS/TIS 18001 – Occupational, Health and Safety Management System, ISO50001 – Energy Management System, ISO 14064 – Greenhouse Gases and ISO 9001 – Quality Management System. 

Since 2001, furthermore, SCGC has also developed and implemented (Environmental Performance Assessment Program: EPAP) to continuously improve our environmental circumstances in line with the changing world and building stakeholder confidence in our environmental performance.