Plastic processing aid

SCGC™ PE WAX performance additives will aid in the enhancement of the performance of your plastics processes.
SCGC refined polyethylene homopolymer waxes are produced using SCGC's unique high-density polyethylene production process,
which employs advanced technologies in a closed loop refinery.
These SCGC refined polyethylene homopolymer waxes are intended to improve a range of performance qualities,
such as increasing productivity and flowability, minimizing waste from unstable plastic flow, and lowering energy usage.

Hot melt adhesive, PVC, Color masterbatch, Cable filling compound, Plastic processing aid, Thermoplastic road marking, Rubber, Candle

A refined polyethylene homopolymer wax, SCGC™ PE WAX LP1040T is produced using a distinctive high-density polyethylene (HDPE) technology that SCGC™ possesses in a closed-loop refinery. Our products are produced to precise quality control standards, with a narrow range of variability and consistent quality.

Shoppers, Liners,
and Trash Bags, Industrial Packaging, Flexible Pouch and Bag, Plastic processing aid

Active Plus™ PA17L is a fluorinated processing aids masterbatch which design to use with polyolefin based polymer and also effective for many other applications which require a smoothen surface.