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SCGC respects the privacy rights of all individuals associated with the Company, including customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, and anyone who conducts business with the Company. We always consider that protecting the privacy and security of your personal data is our responsibility. To reassure you when conducting business with the Company, SCGC establishes the SCGC Privacy Policy based on the compliance with Thailand's Personal Data Protection Act to serve as a guideline of mechanism, supervision, and management of personal data with the emphasis on privacy, transparency, and security of personal data. In addition to collecting and using personal information, the Company will collect and use personal information as needed and for the purposes of use to protect the privacy and security of personal data of those associated with the Company with "no incident of personal data leakage that causes damage."

Personal Data Protection Governance Structure

To ensure compliance with the policy, we have the Chemicals Business Risk Management Committee, the Chemicals Business Compliance Committee, and the Chemicals Business Cybersecurity Governance Committee. In this regard, roles, duties, and responsibilities are enacted to protect personal data in line with SCGC Privacy Policy and the linkage to personal data management.

Privacy Control Process of Personal Data

SCGC SCGC appointed SCG Chemical Data Protection Officer (SCG Chemical DPO) with the roles, duties, and responsibilities required by law

report on personal data protection to the Personal Data Protection Committee on a regular basis
prepare recommendations to keep SCGC' personal data protection current and in compliance with the law.
Additionally, they advise SCGC employees on how to comply with the law and the SCGC Privacy Policy
monitor the operations of SCGC units to ensure compliance with the law and the SCGC Privacy Policy.

we employ standards, guidelines, procedures, and other pertinent documentation to ensure that the SCGC Privacy Policy is implemented throughout the company, including associated companies and subsidiaries.

In 2021, SCGC developed a self-assessment checklist for personal data protection practices in the event of a violation of the law. Assessors shall develop plans to correct and prevent risks associated with non-compliance with legal requirements to mitigate such risks and achieve sustainability in accordance with the SCGC Privacy Policy. To ensure that employees are aware of SCGC Privacy Policy, we communicate with and train employees and stakeholders on personal data protection and compliance with the SCGC Privacy Policy. Training is mandatory for new employees and is provided via e-learning on a continuous basis. Additionally, as part of the yearly e-Ethics Testing, the Company conducts a knowledge test on the SCGC Privacy Policy.

On an annual basis, we build an incident management system and practice emergency drills in the event of personal data leakage. The process, rules, and activities' performance outcomes demonstrate that the Company can effectively safeguard data privacy and security.

Additionally, we have prepared processes and systems to facilitate the exercise of personal data rights, such as consent withdrawal, request for access and copy, submission or transfer, objection to data collection, use, or disclosure, deletion or destruction, suspension of data use, correction, and complaints. If the Company violates or fails to comply with the Personal Data Protection Law, data subjects can monitor the status of their requests and complaints online.