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Sustainable Supplier

SCGC has selected suppliers that demonstrate a capability of sustainable business operations in the areas of environment, social, and governance (ESG). SCGC has an effective supplier opt-in system in place that consistently evaluates and reviews suppliers' performance in terms of product and service quality, as well as ESG guidelines. The goal is to develop and improve suppliers toward sustainability together. Since 2019, SCGC has been certified ISO 20400 for sustainable procurement, making it the first company in Thailand’s chemical sector to obtain such certification.

Developing Supplier Management System

SCGC has developed and upgraded Supplier Management System (VeNus) by integrating supplier data into the automated price quotation system. The approach expands opportunities for potential suppliers to engage in fair tendering. Additionally, the system comprehensively records supplier information in all aspects, including company profile data, quotation management, and supplier performance, aiming for sustainable supplier management. Furthermore, it is an efficient communication channel for effectively disseminating news and receiving suggestions.


SCGC Supplier Management System

Sustainability Supply Chain Management

SCGC is dedicated to conducting ethical and responsible business operations in collaboration with our partners, while also actively supporting society  and the environment. As a result, SCGC has implemented policies and guidelines for oversight to provide a framework for our collaborative business endeavors.

Key Performance 2022

Supplier Screening with Supplier Identification and Risks

Tier-1 Suppliers

Business partners who deliver products or services

and creditors in the fiscal year.

Tier-1 Significant Suppliers

Business partners with high-spending, strategical importance, and non-substitute (critical suppliers) or high ESG risk suppliers.


Business partners who have business operation in Tier 1 suppliers.

Allocation of Procurement Spending

Supplier Risk Assessment

*Comprehensive assessment involves conducting an audit session (on-site/ online) to evaluate the supplier risks in the group of suppliers: critical suppliers, high ESG risk suppliers, and high-medium severity of supplier’s products/ services with criteria covering management system, capability, performance, and ESG management.

**Supplier evaluation is the evaluated process of tier 1 suppliers who deliver the goods and services, covering capability and ESG management

Supplier Risk Management for Impact Minimization

ESG Program Towards Sustainability

Outstanding Projects of 2022

Increasing The Proportion Of Green Procurement

In 2022, SCGC has planned to increase the proportion of green procurement to be 14% as our target by green product or service expansion of the products’ group: pallet, packaging, chemicals, and forklift and service: waste disposal from 7 suppliers. According to the evaluation has been conducted, recommendations have been provided to improve the processes or involvement in product development. As a result, the products of all 7 business partners are registered into the SCGC green procurement list which increasing the proportion of green procurement to be 17%. Currently, there are 80 green products or services from 126 suppliers.

The Study About Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
In The Supply Chain (GHG Emission Scope 3)

In the year 2022, SCGC raised awareness, and communicate organizational climate change goals to suppliers including providing guidelines and knowledge for emission factor calculation of products through questionnaires and business seminars, the effort began with suppliers supplying more than 80% of chemical products and packaging by purchases value, involving 128 suppliers. The performance result, SCGC can gather the emission factor for product from 60 suppliers. The obtained data process of verification accurately and selection of suppliers with the potential for collaborative projects to reduce GHG emissions scope 3.

Awareness and Communication for Suppliers

In 2022, SCGC collaborate with SCG and SCGP to organize a seminar to communicate sustainability driven of doing business between SCG and business partners. The seminar highlighted topics are climate change and human rights which reflecting the sustainability issues that suppliers need to consider while conducting their business operations.

Supplier Satisfaction

SCGC has received all suggestions and recommendations from suppliers to improve the efficiency of their working processes, to focus on building network to overcome business obstacle and sustainability supplier development. This reflects the high level of supplier satisfaction for SCGC.