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Sustainable Supplier

SCGC has selected suppliers that demonstrate a capability of sustainable business operations in the areas of environment, social, and governance (ESG). SCGC has an effective supplier opt-in system in place that consistently evaluates and reviews suppliers' performance in terms of product and service quality, as well as ESG guidelines. The goal is to develop and improve suppliers toward sustainability together. Since 2019, SCGC has been certified ISO 20400 for sustainable procurement, making it the first company in Thailand’s chemical sector to obtain such certification.

Developing Automated Business Matching System.

Developed the Arch system powered by artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning technology to match procurement requirements with the most suitable supplier. The approach expands opportunities for potential suppliers to engage in fair tendering while significantly lowering the time required to connect suppliers by more than 20%. The system integrates with the AVL Searching system, which leverages machine learning technology to collect data and search for suppliers based on their qualifications and capabilities.

Developing Supplier Capability for 

Environmental Partnership

Promoted green procurement by selecting manufacturers or service providers
with the potential to create processes that reduce environmental impacts.
Promoted suppliers with plants registered to adhere to green industry
standards for environmental impact reduction policies and processes.
Established a partnership project targeted at decreasing greenhouse gas
emissions in the suppliers’ manufacturing and transportation processes by using SCG's approach of cooperatively developing and improving the processes.

SCGC Green procurement

SCGC was comply with “SCG green procurement” policy under operational framework of green procurement guideline which had been applying since 2004 to guide business when selecting such products and service based on minimal adverse environmental impact. To encourage green products and services launching to public by supporting the supplier for their process and product improvement and development to meet the SCG green procurement criteria.