Underground Application & Manhole

Underground junction boxes (Manhole) will be used in underground electrical and communication wiring.
Therefore, it is very desirable that there be stabilization properties and the ability to withstand long-term stress.
To meet the requirements of underground products, SCGC has developed SCGC™ LLDPE for rotational moulding with stability
and the ability to withstand long-term pressure Product form for the production of underground products.
Our product forms include:

Natural Granules & Powders: M9001RW
Color compound & special effect (Powder form): M90

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Chemicals Tanks, Water tanks, Underground Application, Underground Application & Manhole

SCGC™ M3863RW is a lilinear-low density polyethylene (LLDPE) for rotational moulding with Hexene co-monomer (C6). M3863RW is a natural color PE resin aviailable in a pellet form. With an extra UV resistance (20), high stiffness and good impact resistance, long durability and excellent ESCR, this grade suitable for rotational moulding of large water tanks, undergroud tanks and chemical tanks

Water tanks, Underground Application, Pontoon & Buoy, Underground Application & Manhole

SCGC™ LLDPE M9001RW is linear-low density polyethylene (LLDPE) for rotational molding applications. M9001RW is a natural color available in a pellet and powder form, These grades are suitable for rotational molding of large water tanks and parts that require high stiffness.