13 Sept 2016

PVC Resin FAST FUSE & HIGH FLOW - Effectively reducing waste during the production process

PVC Injection Molding Problems

The PVC injection molding process, when used for large-sized products such as non-pressure fittings of 80 mm or more in diameter, products which are required to have thin walls and be light-weight, and products with especially complex shapes like rain gutter fittings, often results in imperfect pieces. Short shots (incomplete filling of a mold cavity), burning, jetting, and matting of product pieces result from the fact that the commonly used PVC resin K-58 has viscosity.  And although the imperfect pieces can be recycled, the process adds extra cost to the production process. Therefore, a new grade of PVC is needed that melts easily and has better flowability.  

A New Grade of PVC Resin

In response to such requirement, SCG Chemicals has developed SG500—a new grade of PVC resin with very low molecular weight (K-Value = 50 or Degree of Polymerization = 450), which gives it excellent flow properties. This means it requires less time to melt than PVC resin K-58 and makes it ideal for use in the injection of large-sized molds such as non-pressure fittings of 80 mm or more in diameter or rain gutter fittings. SG500 may replace some or all of the old resins in the production formula, depending on the product properties desired by the manufacturers.

With properties that help reduce melting and injection time, energy consumption and the number of substandard products resulting from short shots can be reduced by 40-60%. Moreover, productivity is increased by 5-15%. Thus it can be clearly seen that SG500 PVC resin can effectively increase production efficiency while reducing loss in the production process.

See product details and datasheet click PVC Resin SG500

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