9 May 2017

PP plastic resin enhances properties of pallets


Pallets are indispensable equipment for Thailand’s logistic system, and in addition to transporting goods, they also form an integral part in pallet storage systems, which help to ensure organized storage. In order to accommodate the need for pallets across different industries, it is necessary to develop pallets with higher quality and greater durability that cost less to produce and have an increased surface area to support goods.

PP resins to the production of pallets

SCG Chemicals has introduced P483JU plastic resins to the production of pallets as a replacement of HDPE plastic resins to enhance the properties of the pallet for logistics and storage as well as to help reduce various business costs. Tests conducted on pallets made of P483JU plastic resins have revealed that their properties are more superior than HDPE in every aspect.


P483JU pallets demonstrate all the properties required for their usage such as the ability to withstand compression, inclined impacts, drops, and racking forces, making them resistance to deformation and making them suitable for heavy loads. In a dynamic test using a two-ton load, these pallets have also shown less deformation compared to HDPE pallets counterparts. In addition, P483JU pallets also offer higher production rate within the same amount of time.


P483JU plastic resins have lower density, which makes each pallet lighter and facilitates logistical management. P483JU pallets are 8% lighter than HDPE pallets.


P483JU plastic pellets can be reused without degrading. Because of its reusability and ability to retain its original properties, this development is considered an astounding success.

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