2 Apr 2014

High Performance PP Impact Copolymer for Green Logistic with the 3Rs principle

In creating today's innovations, priority should be given not only to extensive use by consumers but also to their environmental impacts. High-Performance PP Impact Copolymer, an innovative product from SCG Chemicals, meets such requirements, making the packaging industry and the logistics systems more environmentally friendly.

SCG Chemicals High Performance PP Impact Copolymer was initially developed as a solution for one of the world of leading packaging manufacturers. With the forward-looking vision of SCG Chemicals development team for promising market opportunities, SCG Chemicals has ingenuously created an innovative product that is a departure from other PP impact copolymer plastic resins on the market today. In addition to the improved performance on compressive, bending, and drop tests, especially at low temperatures, the product is marked by exceptional strength and durability.

These outstanding properties make it ideal for the application needs of customers in a variety of industries, especially manufacturers of industrial packaging including pallets or plastic crates to facilitate the transport of commodities as they help reduce overall weight, minimize loss in the production process whilst increasing reusability and recyclability.

High Performance PP Impact Copolymer is a green product, manufactured using the green manufacturing process with a waste management system that complies with the 3Rs principle (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle), thereby significantly reducing the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Moreover, the use of the API Separator and Water Treatment System ensures no discharge of waste water into the surrounding communities water sources. The distinctive attributes of High Performance PP Impact Copolymer are also consistent with the 3Rs principle (Reduce,Reuse & Recycle) as follows:


Wooden pallets were once used widely in transportation, but they have been restricted by many challenges. Apart from being bulky and easily damaged, wooden pallets require chemical treatment to prevent termites, insect, and mold growth, which is only effective for a short period of time, and they have been a major factor in deforestation. Although the use of plastic pallets is a growing trend, they are mostly produced using HDPE pellets. PP plastic pallets are still mostly found in Japan, Korea and Europe, leaving much room for growth in this sector.

SCG Chemicals therefore collaborated with Srithai Superware Pcl., one of Thailand leading plastic and melamine manufacturers, that shares a similar vision in adding value to its products via cutting-edge technology with concern for the environment, to manufacture High Performance PP Impact Copolymer plastic pallets for shipping SCG Chemicals products to customers in Japan.

To that effect, Srithai Superware employed state-of-the-art technology to design standard molds. In the manufacturing process, it was found that High Performance PP Impact Copolymer offers excellent processability compared to general grade plastic resins, resulting in completely filled parts with no air entrapments, distortion, nor wrinkles on the finish molded parts. This helps reduce loss whilst saving plastic material in the production process and also energy during injection molding cycle since they allow for faster cycle times than general plastic resins. The resulting plastic pallets are lightweight and yet are impact resistant.

They also have good load bearing construction and extended service lives. 

The accomplishment in the manufacture of plastic pallets has inspired Srithai to further develop other products from High Performance PP Impact Copolymer,especially crates and containers which require superb strength, stiffness, and stackability in response to future market trends that demand products which are lightweight and yet are strong and durable.


As the user, SCG Chemicals Logistics Unit helped in the design of pallets to match real application needs. Since pallets play a key role in the development of overall logistics systems, their durability and reliability can greatly reduce the damage to the products and their portability ensure better customer service quality. One year after replacing wooden pallets with High Performance PP Impact Copolymer pallets, complaints about pallets and damaged products reduced to almost zero. In addition, High Performance PP Impact Copolymer can be used to develop more durable returnable pallets, allowing customers to reuse the pallets multiple times in lieu of the one-way pallets.


With special attributes, High Performance PP Impact Copolymer is 100% recyclable. The pallets thus can be ground up and turned into new pallets that maintain high strength and durability. Japanese companies using pallets made from High Performance PP Impact Copolymer in transit of products have expressed satisfaction with the quality of the pallets. Aside from the lighter weight and excellent durability, the pallets are cost-effective as they can be reused and recyclable, making them eco-friendly products that conform with the generally accepted standards of businesses in Japan. SCG Chemicals continuous development of new innovations reflects its efforts to add value to its products while remaining socially responsible. An example of this is High Performance PP Impact Copolymer, a product which is not only eco-friendly by itself but which helps the packaging industry become more environmentally friendly too as well as being a part of sustainable Green Logistics systems. 

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