SCGC™ HDPE H112PC is a black high density polyethylene compound producing from high selective catalyst in the precise process control system, bimodal technology. SCGC™ HDPE H112PC is classified as MRS 11.2 material (PE112). It provides superior long-term hydrostatic strength balancing with high slow crack growth and rapid crack propagation resistance. It has been designed for better safety factor in long-term use. Besides that, it can be produced in all ranges of pipe diameters, especially recommended for the production of very thick wall and large diameter pipe.

Properties Test Methods Value
Density (g/cm³) ISO 1183 0.960
Melt Flow Rate at 190 °C and 5.0 kg (g/10 min) ISO 1133 0.20
Tensile Strength at Yield (MPa) ASTM D 638 @ Crosshead speed 50 mm/min 24
Tensile Strength at Yield (MPa) ISO 527 24
Tensile strength at Break (MPa) ISO 527 > 30
Elongation at Break (%) ISO 527 > 600
Flexural Modulus (MPa) ASTM D 790 1,000
Carbon black dispersion (Rating) ISO 18553 <3
Carbon black content (%wt) ISO 6964 2.25
Oxidative induction time at 210°C (min) ISO 11357 ≥ 50
MRS classification (MPa) ISO 12162/ISO 9080 11.2
Resistance to slow crack growth at 80°C (hrs) ISO 13479 > 1,000
Rapid crack propagation Pc, S4 (bar) ISO 13477 > 10
Resistance to gas constituents (hrs) ISO 1167 > 25