SCGC™ HDPE H1000PCH is a black, bimodal technology, high density polyethylene compound. It is classified as a PE100RC material with excellent resistance to crack, following the material requirements of EN1555-1:2021. Besides that, it can be produced in all ranges of pipe diameters especially recommended for no-dig installation method.

Properties Test Methods Value
Melt Flow Rate at 190 °C and 5.0 kg (g/10 min) ISO 1133 0.2
Density (g/cm³) ISO 1183 0.960
Tensile Strength at Yield (MPa) ISO 527 24
Elongation at Break (%) ISO 527 >600
Carbon black content (%wt) ISO 6964 2.25
Carbon black dispersion (Rating) ISO 18553 <3
Oxidative induction time at 210°C (min) ISO 11357 ≥40
MRS classification (MPa) ISO 12162/ISO 9080 10
Strain Hardening Modulus (MPa) ISO 18488 60
Rapid crack propagation Pc, S4 (bar) ISO 13477 ≥10