SCGC™ SMX551BU is a high strength polyethylene produced by SMX™ technology suitable for Intermediate Bulk Containers. This grade provides high melt strength for good processing performance, very low odor and fuming and excellent chemical resistance with superior stiffness.

Properties Test Methods Value
Density (g/cm³) ASTM D 1505 0.946
Melt Flow Rate at 190 °C and 2.16 kg (g/10 min) ASTM D 1238 0.05
Flexural Modulus (kg/cm²) ASTM D 790 7,200
Izod Impact Strength at 23°C (J/m) ASTM D 256 530
Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance (ESCR), F50, conditionB, 10% lgepal (hrs) ASTM D 1693 > 8,000
US FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 -