13 Nov 2023

Next Generation HDPE Piping System Online Conference for Water, Oil and Gas and Mining Industry


Exploring the Power of Next Generation HDPE Poly Pipe - Join our online conference

The pipeline industry faces a set of crucial challenges and questions that demand innovative solutions. Poly pipe, particularly HDPE poly pipe, has been a staple in the pipeline industry for years, known for its balance of key properties that make it a reliable choice. However, recent innovations in HDPE materials have surpassed the traditional PE100 grade and have taken pipeline efficiency to new heights.

Are you interested in optimizing the total cost of ownership in pipeline systems while prioritizing sustainability on your project? In our live & on-demand webinar, we will delve into these challenges and questions by examining successful installations across various global industries, such as water, oil and gas, and mining operations. Join us as we explore the strategies to address these issues and find answers to these pressing concerns.

Key Takeaways:

1. Exploring advantages of HDPE pipe systems.

2. Unveiling the main benefits of utilizing a single, strong, durable, and non-corrosive material in pipe systems.

3. Insights into designing polyolefin-based piping systems as an advantageous option for operators, encompassing enhanced performance, durability, and sustainability.

4. Real-world case studies showcasing successful installations of pipe solutions in water, oil & gas, and mining operations globally.

Join us for this informative online conference to gain valuable insights into optimizing your pipeline systems for improved efficiency, cost savings, and sustainable operations.

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