3 Oct 2016


Nowadays polyethylene has played an importance role in several pipeline industries such as water, gas, and mining pipe. SCG Chemicals is determined to create efficient plastic innovations to add value and create better living through relentlessly product development. An outstanding outcome is EL-Lene™ H112PC, a high performance material for high density polyethylene pipe.

As proven by accredited laboratory (EXOVA), pipes made from EL-Lene™ H112PC compound possesses impressive 10% higher withstanding pressure. With the benefit of superior strength, thickness of pipe using EL-Lene™ H112PC can be reduced by 10%. As a result, flow volume in operation increases. Besides, thinner wall also leads to easier to control pipe extrusion and faster welding installation.

In addition, slurry test showed that EL-Lene™ H112PC compound has 40% higher abrasion resistance than that of conventional PE100 pipe, and, as a consequence, has longer lifetime use.

EL-Lene™ H112PC compound is thus trusted for pipe in mining and water supply projects and is an ideal material for sustainable infrastructure.

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