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CSR Initiatives
for SDGs and ESG


SCG is the regional leader in chemical innovations that aim to elevate the quality of life of communities to be self-reliant and sustainable. / We also take a great care of the environment and conduct businesses that are echoed to the quality of life of everyone in society.

SCGC's waste management project helps raise awareness in children to adopt resouce efficieny in a sustainable manner.

Busaba Thanaporn
Director of Wat Khod Hin Mitraphap 42 School, Rayong

Currently, we have supported over 45 members
with 300 stingless bee hives. I greatly appreciate
constant help and support from SCGC.

Prapai Kotcharin
Head of Community Enterprise of Stingless Bee

In the past, we had to pay for watering the durian trees.
But with the forests regrown on Khao Yai Da,
water starts running again.

Charoon Sunthud
Member of Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Rayong

Thank you SCGC for supporting
on-site waste management in our community.

Jeerapha Manathep
Community President of Bann Map Chalut, Rayong

The check dam construction on Khao Yai Da has revived
the abundance of nature and water resources.

Wandee Intraphrom
Village Head of Baan Map Chan, Rayong

Highlight CSR Initiatives of SCGC

Follow SCGC interesting projects and join us in creating sustainability for communities, soceity and our world.

Community Enterprise

We take pride in enhancing the community's quality of life and generating sustainable income for the entire community and its generations to come.

Ecosystem Driver

SCGC is committed to sustainable business with good corporate governance by integrating sustainable development goals (SDGs) and ESG to become a world-class leader.

Low Waste, Low Carbon

Apart from developing SCGC GREEN POLYMER™, SCGC strongly emphasizes reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Good Health and Well-being

We prioritize employees' well-being and the quality of their experiences across various contexts, ensuring we grow sustainably together.