9 Oct 2023

The Baan Thapma Stingless Beekeeping Community Enterprise in Rayong

Stingless bees offer both direct and indirect value. They produce honey, which can be processed into various products. At the same time, these bees play a role in maintaining ecological balance, aiding in pollination, increasing agricultural productivity in the area, and exclusively sourcing their food from nature.

In 2020, a group was formed to cultivate stingless bees and utilize their produce. The group has 45 members with around 300 bee hives, primarily of the Tetragonula pagdeni species. These bees produce sweet nectar and propolis, which consists of more than 300 essential components. Predominantly, these include flavonoids such as galangin and Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE), which possess properties that kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, and inhibit cell division. They also contain other essential substances like terpenes and phenolics. The composition of these compounds can vary depending on the bees' habitat and the local plant types.

The flavonoids in this community enterprise's products are rich in mangosteen flavonoids derived from the pollen of mangosteen, which is exclusive to this region. The stingless bee honey is beneficial and nutritionally rich, containing antioxidants that prevent and inhibit cancer cells. They have therapeutic properties, including anti-inflammatory effects, wound healing, and brain nourishment benefits. Besides selling stingless bee honey, the community enterprise also develops products made from propolis extract and the pollen of stingless bees, such as soap, balm, essential oils, and skincare products.

SCGC has provided support and guided the operations of this community enterprise, promoting knowledge transfer and expanding the number of stingless beekeepers in Rayong province. Emphasis is placed on capability development to empower the community to be self-reliant and develop innovative community products that meet international standards and gain broad acceptance. Experts are brought in for consultation, and interested parties are welcomed to study and observe the operations. Furthermore, SCGC assists in brand development, packaging improvement, and expanding sales channels, all to enhance the community's quality of life following sustainable development and ESG principles that encompass economic, social, and environmental dimensions. All of these are responding to the goal of adhering to the principle of inclusive growth, transitioning to a low-carbon society, and promoting income generation and income distribution to the community to achieve long-term self-reliance alongside fostering a healthy environment. For those interested in the products or wishing to visit the Baan Thapma Stingless Beekeeping Community Enterprise in Rayong Province, please contact the head of the enterprise, Praipai Kotcharin at 065-397-4465 or visit their Facebook page: "Ban Mee Chan Dee" at

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