SCGC™ PP P809JM is a homopolymer polypropylene resin that is well-suited to healthcare and pharmaceutical products. P809JM has good processability, high clarity and is compliant to FDA and USP requirements.P809JM can be injection molded and sterilized by ethylene oxide. Notice : It is strongly recommended that all potential activities for applications related to pharmaceutical, medical device, laboratory and diagnostics area have to be discussed with SCGC™

Properties Test Methods Value
Density (g/cm³) ASTM D 1505 0.91
Melt Flow Rate at 230 °C and 2.16 kg (g/10 min) ASTM D 1238 30.00
Flexural Modulus (kg/cm²) ASTM D 790 18,000
Izod Impact Strength at 23°C (J/m) ASTM D 256 30
US FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 -
EP 3.1.6 -
USP Class 6 -