20 Sept 2022

High Quality Odorless PCR Resin for Personal and Home Care Packaging

ESG Innovation Product

Plastic packaging has long been integral to people's daily lives and consumer goods. The fundamental purpose of packaging is to make it easier for customers to use while safeguarding goods during the transportation system. However, global warming continues to impact today, and people are becoming more environmentally aware. As a result, the context of packaging has evolved into one that not only meets basic needs but also plays a vital role in environmental protection. This is evidenced by the efforts of brand owners or entrepreneurs transitioning to green packaging to demonstrate their social responsibility and the need to address pollution and environmental challenges.

SCGC, as an upstream producer of plastic resin, continues to strive for innovations to deliver environmentally friendly products that suit customers' needs through brand owners and entrepreneurs. It is meant to bring people closer to a greener planet.

High Quality Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR)

"Green packaging" is a term that many people have probably heard. High-Quality Post-Consumer Recycled Resin, or PCR, is one of the solutions offered by the SCGC in collaboration with Teamplas Chemical Company Limited, Thailand's leader in plastic recycling. The country's post-use plastics are sorted and cleaned thoroughly before going through the mechanical recycling process using SCGC's proprietary formula to yield PCR ready to be molded into packaging for various products. This aims to recover the value of used plastics and sustainably minimize waste under circular economy principles.

Examples of introducing PCR into packaging

SCGC's examples of introducing PCR into packaging for diverse products for brand owners include Unilever's dishwashing liquid gallon and Shell's lubricant gallon. These success stories have opened the door to new challenges in using PCR for personal care and home care products  that require specific scent retention, such as the bottle for shower cream or the packaging for liquid laundry detergent. SCGC has developed HDPE and PP types of High Quality Odorless PCR Resin under the brand name SCGC GREEN POLYMERTM as an additional alternative for brands and entrepreneurs. These polymers are classified as PCDH01BN, PCDH02BW, and PCDP01JN.

How is Odorless PCR plastic made?

The used plastic utilized as the primary raw material has been sorted and thoroughly cleaned before being processed through a dedicated deodorizing technology to ensure o odor residue from recycled plastic and produced to be ready for molding into bottles and caps without unpleasant smells. It can be utilized in the packaging of personal care products and products with specific fragrances without the presence of foreign odors. Furthermore, traceability to the source of raw materials for PCR production is accessible and is certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The production of recycled resin uses less energy than that of conventional plastic resin, contributing to a 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The PCR innovation has been used in actual packaging with "PAO" liquid laundry detergent from Lion and ‘Palmolive’ shower cream from Colgate-Palmolive. The partnership is to reduce waste while raising recycling rates in Thailand, as well as bringing about constructive changes for the betterment of people on the planet.

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