17 Mar 2023

Recycled Plastic Innovation: Maximizing Value in Reuse and Circulation

Circular Economy Product

When it comes to the current trends in plastic innovation, environmentally-friendly plastic innovation is a strong megatrend, especially in Europe. In addition to developing plastic innovation, using plastic wisely and properly managing plastic waste are critical issues that every sector currently prioritizes.

"Plastic" is not waste but a resource that can be recycled and reused. If we are mindful of separating waste and managing plastic properly, by cleaning and drying it before sending it to recycling facilities, we can give these plastics a second life and value.

As a leading chemical player for sustainability in the region, SCGC continues to innovate in plastics and develop green innovations under the SCGC GREEN POLYMERTM brand, responding to the demand for sustainable plastic use. SCGC applies circular economy principles through 4 solutions: Reduce, Recyclable, Recycle, and Renewable, to maximize benefits and value.

For this article, we would like to present the innovation of high-quality recycled plastic resins and recycling technology from SCGC GREEN POLYMERTM that meets the circular economy concept and is a key highlight that SCGC uses to enter the global plastic market with a focus on environmental sustainability.



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Recycled Plastic Innovations

Reinventing Plastic for Exceptional Performance

If you think that plastics have no value or cannot be reused efficiently, think again. The Recycle solution from SCGC GREEN POLYMERTM can turn used plastic into a high-quality post-consumer recycled resin (PCR) with superior properties compared to conventional recycled plastics. SCGC continuously improves the properties of the PCR to reduce the use of virgin resins and apply it to various packagings such as Unilever's dishwashing liquid bottle and Shell's gasoline gallons. Furthermore, SCGC has developed a high-quality odorless PCR resin for personal and household products requiring a specific scent. This innovation can be found in daily life products like the 'Pao' liquid laundry detergent packaging.

Not only that, SCGC has also taken its recycling technology to the next level with Advanced Recycling technology, which turns used plastics into feedstock for petrochemical plants to produce plastic resins with properties equivalent to virgin ones. These resins are used in food packaging and have been certified as sustainable by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) throughout the supply chain.

SCGC Enters PCR Market in Europe

SCGC's commitment to producing high-quality PCR has expanded to a key market in Europe, starting with an investment in Sirplaste, a leading producer of PCR in Portugal. Sirplaste has increased its production capacity for high-quality PCR by 25%, resulting in a total annual production capacity of over 45,000 tons. SCGC has also invested in Kras, a Dutch company that specializes in managing waste materials, to develop a comprehensive recycled plastic production system that meets global demand, especially in Europe, where the need for environmentally friendly packaging is continuously growing.


In addition to the Recycle solution that SCGC has continuously developed and innovated, there are other solutions from SCGC GREEN POLYMERTM that focus on efficiently using resources to create environmentally friendly plastic innovations. At the same time, they meet the needs of product brands and are suitable for consumer use, as follows:

    • Reduce: Reduce resource usage without compromising quality. Create plastic resins that are stronger, stiffer, and more durable with SMXTM Technology, a high-quality plastic resin production technology unique to SCGC. This technology enhances the properties of plastic resins, allowing for less plastic use while maintaining high quality, lightweight, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
    • Recyclable: Make packaging easier to recycle. Flexible packaging, such as those used for frozen foods, dry foods, snacks, and refill pouches, that were previously difficult to recycle due to multiple layers of materials can now be further developed with the use of innovative film coatings that prevent air permeation. This replaces the use of multiple materials with a mono-material approach that is highly efficient for recycling and retains quality standards for products, certified by RecyClass, the first in ASEAN.
    • Renewable: Composable and sustainable resource usage. Developing bioplastics made from bio-based materials and using sustainable resources with a lower carbon footprint, including composable plastics that decompose naturally, helps address the issue of plastic waste that often ends up in the environment.

SCGC is revolutionizing plastic packaging towards sustainability with SCGC GREEN POLYMERTM, an eco-friendly plastic innovation aimed at increasing the sales of green polymer products to 1 million tons per year by 2030 to drive a circular economy. However, from the consumer's perspective, plastic sorting is something we can all do to help give plastic a valuable second life and contribute to maintaining a sustainable environment, making the world a better home for all of us in the long run.

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