7 Jul 2022

A Deep Dive into SCGC's Automotive Innovations

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One of the advancements that propel our world forward is automotive innovation, which not only transports people from one location to another but also plays a role in the transportation industry. It is considered an innovation rapidly evolving to suit functional needs and enhance driving safety.

Not only is driving technology being upgraded, but automakers are also placing a greater emphasis on automotive components, as these elements influence the visual appeal, safety, and fuel efficiency of a vehicle. Especially during the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), the need for advancements in the automobile industry is ever-growing.

As a regional leader in chemical innovations, SCG Chemicals or SCGC recognizes the emerging trends in the automobile industry. It has collaborated with partners to develop special plastic resins for automotive applications. Each type of plastic resin possesses exceptional durability, strength, and lightweight.

SCGCPP P765J High-quality plastic resins with ultra-high impact resistance to ensure increased safety

The development of safety technologies is the most significant element of vehicle innovation. SCGC has partnered with Grand Siam Composite Company Limited or GSC to develop SCGC™ PP P765J plastic resin with ultra-high impact resistance, high flow, high elongation, and ductility properties. It is designed to be ideal for manufacturing automotive parts with high impact resistance, including door trims, front and rear bumpers, and instrument panels; despite being used within the car, drivers can drive safely with peace of mind. This is due to the exceptional qualities of plastic resins, which contain low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are safe for health. 

The SCGC™ PP P765J resin, in addition to its durability and strength, is lighter than ever. It is designed for newer and lightweight vehicles, such as electric vehicles powered by an electric motor. Additionally, this lightweight feature uses less energy when driving, emits fewer greenhouse gases, and is environmentally friendly.

SCGCPP P1085J Engineered lightweight plastic resins

Another collaborative effort between SCGC and Grand Siam Composite Public Company Limited or GSC is to address the demand for exterior vehicle parts. The goal is to develop products with a high flow property that can be molded into thinner and lighter parts while maintaining high impact resistance, high stiffness, and safety standards. This is the motivation behind developing SCGCPP P1085Jwhich has a significantly higher melt flow rate. The automotive parts can be made thinner after molding, and it can be molded into a larger automotive part while preserving all other plastic resin qualities.

For the development process of SCGCTM PP P1085J, SCGC has undertaken research and development collaborations abroad to build a prototype of plastic resin where the manufacturing process can be precisely controlled and meet functional needs. It is essential to accelerate the effort to ensure a timely outcome. As a result, it provides plastic resin that is easy to mold, 0.5 millimeters thinner, and 10% lighter than the same previous model of an automotive part. The innovative resins also help to reduce gate string defects, resulting in a product of greater quality that uses less resin in production while responding to the circular economy goal of resource usage efficiency.

SCGC's innovative plastic resins for the automobile industry were developed not just to meet industrial demands but also to improve the quality of life for people on all scales. SCGC will complement every ride to be safe and dependable in addition to being environmentally friendly.

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