10 Jul 2021

An Eco-Friendly Plastic Innovation for the Manufacture of Lightweight and Energy-Saving Auto Parts

The petrochemical sector has long been a key upstream industry crucial to economic prosperity and national development as its products are used in several industries. The automotive and auto parts industry is another sector that constantly uses plastic materials with steady consumption growth.

As Thailand's and regional leader in material sciences, SCG has recognized Thailand's automotive industry's substantial growth and aspires to be a part of the industry's sustainable empowerment. The company has developed SCGTM PP P1085J , the innovative plastic compound for automotive parts manufacturing that fully aligns with the industry trend.

Adapt to Keep up with Industry's Needs

Thailand's automotive and auto parts industry has been flourishing for more than 50 years. The country has evolved from an import substitution manufacturing base to a manufacturing base for exports to feed the global demand to now the ASEAN manufacturing powerhouse. Currently, investment in renewable energy-powered vehicles such as hybrid automobiles and eco cars is rising and gaining steam, as is the demand for plastic materials used to manufacture auto parts.

Latest developments in the automobile industry imply that manufacturers are pursuing fuel-efficient automobiles. As a result, automakers seek ways to reduce the weight of auto parts by employing plastic materials that allow them to manufacture thinner, lighter parts while maintaining the same degree of performance. This strategy will reduce overall vehicle weight, which will benefit automobile users in terms of fuel economy and environmental friendliness due to fewer carbon dioxide emissions.

Plastic materials are widely used as a substitute for metal and glass in the automotive industry due to their remarkable characteristics such as durability, lightweight, low cost, good friction reduction, ease of design, and ease of forming.  This is ostensibly due to the fact that plastic auto parts make vehicles lighter, which reduces energy consumption and costs for manufacturers.

Special-Grade Plastic Compound in automotive industry

There are several plastic types used in the automotive industry. Among them is Polypropylene Compounds (PP Compounds), which meets industrial needs and standard requirements for automotive parts manufacturing thanks to its high impact and stiffness. Chemicals Business, SCG, made a concerted effort to develop innovative plastic compounds with such promising features. Its efforts have yielded a polymer granule known as "SCGTM PP P1085" suited for practical application.

SCGTM PP P1085J is distinguished by its ease of forming, which reduces the weight of the auto part by 0.5 millimeters and the overall weight by 10% compared to the regular model part.  This unique characteristic can cut production energy consumption while also reducing defects during gate stringing.

Developed by Chemicals Business, SCG, the plastic innovation aligns with and fosters the circular economy principles because it promotes resource efficiency and reduces the usage of raw materials while providing performance comparable to that of standard grade plastic.  The strategy is in line with current automotive industry trends, aiming to reduce vehicle part weight while preserving performance and manufacturing quality standards.

SCGTM PP P1085J is yet another polymer breakthrough that can meet the demands of auto parts manufacturers while also contributing to long-term environmental conservation.  Future forward,  Chemicals Business, SCG, will continue to explore and develop plastic compounds to maximize entrepreneurial capabilities and Thailand's industrial competitiveness.


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