9 Sept 2013

CTR: Medical plastic innovation for a better life

SCG Chemicals have always been operating under the concept of Sustainable Development. We aim to improve economy, society and environment with the hope that people will have a better life. To be able to help society and business grow together, the company also places major emphasis on Research and Development (R&D) as it is the main force to create innovations both in products and services.

One of the innovations that SCG Chemicals has been putting a lot of effort into developing is medical plastic. This innovation is beneficial to society as it helps better the standard of living of the people. Patients can get easier and better access to medical treatments as plastic quipment is cheaper and easier to transport to other places and does not break easily. Therefore, it is very convenient to deliver such equipment as I.V. bags, blood bags and needles to urban areas outside the big cities. Moreover, new innovations also make it more convenient for patients and users to use medical equipment in the comfort of their homes. For example, Peritoneal Dialysis bags can also be used at home so patients do not need to travel to the hospital. Apart from helping better the life of people, plastic medical innovations also help our country economy as we can reduce the amount of imported thermoplastics and equipment from abroad. Mr. Yuttana Jiamtragan, Managing Director of SCG Performance Chemicals Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals, further explained,

"The government would like Thailand to be a medical hub with good hospitals, skilled doctors and nurses with a kind heart and good service mind. We do have those but what we lack is good medical equipment and medication. SCG Chemicals will take part in helping by developing medical equipment that are of good quality but cheaper in production so that they are accessible to more patients and help the country in the long run".

Many people wonder whether medical plastics are different from the plastics we use in everyday life. Some are still not convinced that plastics will be able to replace existing medical equipment and whether they are safe.

Apart from plastic innovations for medical treatments, SCG Chemicals has also moved forward with the Innovative Service. We set up the medical-design team in order to design and choose the right plastics for each innovation. This is a new service that makes us different from other chemical manufacturers. We are the first manufacturer in ASEAN that provides this kind of service.

A great example is our Carpal Tunnel Retractor (CTR) which Design Catalyst designed to answer all the demands of the innovator and medical equipment suppliers. We were able to replace the material used for operation from stainless steel to plastic and create a successful innovation. This kit does not only help with cutting the production and operation costs but it also reduces the size of the wound and the time of operation from one hour to eight minutes. 

Nowadays, good hospitals across the country have used these kits in their operation rooms and we will soon launch them for sale. This is considered this first medical innovation that has gained recognition worldwide as it has also received a prominent award from Switzerland.

Carpal Tunnel Retractor (CTR) is made from PP (Polypropylene) that has been sterilized through gamma rays and elastomers. Replacing stainless steel with plastic was a big challenge as these two materials are entirely different. Our team of designers had to use their imagination together with their knowledge of thee quipment to be able to create something that answers all medical needs. The team had to conduct a study about the human body and observe doctors at work so that they captured all the functions of this equipment correctly.

Another important step is materials selection which has to take the designs and techniques of choosing the materials into consideration. SCG Chemicals have designers and technical engineers on hand to work together in order to create the most perfect innovation.

This is the challenge that SCG Chemicals took in order to become the leader in the chemical manufacturing business. We create innovations in products and services with the benefits of our customers in mind. It was the first time in ASEAN that a chemical and plastic manufacturer took the plastic industry to another level, that of "Creative Plastic". This was considered an important step for SCG Chemicals and we hope to continue developing more plastic innovations for sustainable living and a bright future.

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