24 Aug 2022

SCGC Healthcare and Medical Innovations for Better Living


In an age where technology plays a role in every industry, innovations are developed to fulfill the needs of increasingly special applications. This is especially true in healthcare, as every patient has unique care requirements. It takes both technology and product design to create efficient innovations, meet healthcare providers' needs, and are appropriate for use in patient care.

Innovation and development of medical innovation is a significant and challenging mission at SCGC. However, it is not beyond our commitment and capacity to achieve. SCGC has worked closely and continuously with our medical professionals and business partners to design innovative medicine that extends the use of existing medical devices to be more efficient and safe and reduce dependence on imports. The noteworthy innovations are as follows:

Smart Mobile Medication Cart

Most medication carts commonly used in hospitals are metal carts that lack the functionality required to satisfy specific needs. Some existing medication carts are outfitted with specific drawers; nevertheless, they are typically imported and are not the optimal solution for users. BDMS Group teamed up with SCGC and partners to develop a smart mobile medication cart to enable closed-loop medication, in which the prescription order from the physician is sent directly to the medication cart to assure medication dispensing accuracy and increased speed.

The SCGC team examined how the conventional medication cart was used before making improvements that resulted in the Smart Mobile Medication Cart, which has six drawers specifically designed to correspond to the number of patients each nurse is responsible for. The integration of technology with hospital data systems has increased the precision of prescriptions. It includes a drawer lock mechanism that requires verification by scanning each patient to open the compartment to load the medication into the drawer and again during administering at the patient's wards. This reduces errors, increases accountability, and improves safety.

In addition to ensuring patient safety, the Smart Mobile Medication Cart is designed for medical professionals' convenience. The cart's size and weight are optimal. It features a locking wheel on top of drawer dimensions that can support vertical storage for medicine vials to minimize sedimentation and spillage. It is also fitted with sensors that detect the opening and closing of the drawer and the temperature within the compartment to guarantee that the storage conditions meet Joint Commission International* (JCI) standards. It also includes structured compartments for various necessary equipment, such as bandages, syringes, holders for sharps disposal bins, IV bags, storage space for documents, and meal trays.

*Joint Commission International is an international organization from the United States that works to monitor practices' quality or healthcare and safety to provide accreditation to hospitals. The organization's fundamental goal is to improve the healthcare of hospitals around the world.

Smart Transfer Wheelchair

Even though the world of design and innovation is constantly evolving, still a revolutionary hospital wheelchair has not yet emerged in quite some time. SCGC and business partners have collaborated to improve patient wheelchairs by leveraging design, materials science, and medical device development expertise. The Smart Transfer Wheelchair was designed using the ergonomics principle as a foundation. The metal frame was replaced with a canvas seat and a big metal wheel to better accommodate the patient's body. It is equipped with a cushion that provides lumbar support, preventing back strain from prolonged wheelchair use. The SCGC's proprietary foam used to make the seat is resistant to disinfectants and scratches, so it won't hold onto infections or dirt.

Functionally, it is designed to facilitate the patient transfer. It is fitted with a foldable armrest that patients can use to support themselves when necessary. The footrest is designed to accommodate users with leg injuries and is adjustable through a footrest button. A three-point safety belt, similar to those found in automobiles, is also provided. To promote safety when pushing patients along diverse routes, It incorporates a rear brake system, which enables staff to easily control the wheelchair with support for pushing the patient ergonomically.

Sharps Disposal Bin

Many people may think the sharps disposal bin is simply a plastic container where used needles can be discarded. However, the sharps bin must be user-friendly and constructed of durable, high-quality material to prevent patient infection. The SCGC team designed the sharps disposal bin after putting together a list of existing disposal bins' shortcomings to create an enhanced version that meets the requirements of more applications. We have chosen a plastic resistant to puncture and tearing so that the needle or sharps cannot pierce the material. The bin's swing lid eliminates the need to use one's hands while providing patient care. Notably, the bin is designed to be transparent so that nurses can see from the outside whether or not it is already three-quarters full. According to the JCI standard, the container must be empty to that extent. It is safe since it is securely locked.

The bin was designed in a rectangle shape so that it can be placed in a corner, and its sharps capacity can be increased by 42%. The bin is constructed from polypropylene for thin-wall injection molding, which utilizes less plastic while maintaining the same level of strength. The bin is 8% lighter due to less plastic used, consumes less fuel for disposal, and emits 32% less carbon dioxide.

In the same way that health requires attentiveness, so does innovation requires meticulous attention to detail. In addition to the expertise of innovation creators, the design and selection of materials must be carefully tailored to various application purposes to ensure that all devices can be utilized effectively. SCGC possesses extensive expertise and abilities to advance medical innovation and benefit all users. Patients' smiles and feedback from healthcare professionals who have used our innovations are what ensure our achievement.

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