4 Mar 2022

Lightweight Cap and Closure for Carbonated Soft Drinks, Reducing The Use of Plastic For Our Society and Planet

In present days, plastics play crucial parts in our lives especially in beverage industry, talking only about carbonated soft drinks, there are more than three trillion bottles in production line per year. With this massive amount of consumption, material reduction of only 5-10% can be first little drops of water to make a mighty ocean in sustainable world. Many global brands are the early players to hop on this sustainable bus by developing more environmentally friendly bottle cap models using less plastics. As a result, the carbonated soft drink caps weight in many counties nowadays are only 2 gram each. Nevertheless, to produce such lightweight carbonated soft drink caps while maintaining the critical performance of gas retention is not an easy way. The plastics themselves need to be tougher especially in the property of “Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance (ESCR)”.

SCG Chemicals (SCGC) developed special high density polyethylene (HDPE) resins of “SX002J” and “SX002JA” under brand SCGC GREEN POLYMERTM from our superior SMXTM technology that offers outstanding strength in response to requirement from brand owners and consumers to reduce plastics used while still keeping the quality and safety of the end product in good conditions.

SX002JA has been qualified with Coca-Cola standard for their 2 grams lightweight cap. In beverage caps and closures industry, models of HDPE carbonated soft drink caps are in lightweight trend. Many large caps producers are now using lighter model, for example from 2.15 grams to 2.0 grams, which SX002J and SX002JA are able to meet the needs of lightweight caps as well. In addition, they are also certified by SCG Green Choice, an eco-friendly product label, in terms of Circularity.

With over seven million tons of soda bottle caps are being produced each year. If we can reduce just 5% of plastic consumption, there will be 458,000 tons less GHG emission per year, which will play a part in helping to reduce the global warming crisis sustainably.

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