Date: 30 Sep 2021

“Globally, about 40% of plastics are used as packaging” reported UNCTAD on March 3, 2021. Its short life-span due to poor product design and lack of political infrastructure makes plastic packaging the greatest generator of environmental pollution. Only 9 percent has been recycled properly, while the majority are either landfilled or incinerated. And the last option is the significant source of greenhouse gas emissions.

In Thailand, short-use consumer plastic packaging collected from the nation’s environments in 2018 contributes approximately 65.3% of staggering pollution1. Effective schemes and concrete actions are necessarily important, coupled with collaborative and more impactful efforts across the value chain. And all need rethinking!

From the respective standpoint, circular economy represents an opportunity to use —and not use up— material resources. The progressive antidote to a linear economy will help ensure no materials are lost, no toxins are leaked and no maximum value is failed to achieve from every process, material and component3.

SCG Chemicals, one of the largest integrated petrochemical companies in Thailand and a leading industry key player of the region, realizes the urgency of the fastest-growing, starling environmental threat and takes into account of ambitious commitment to never make plastic materials become waste. In so doing, we have integrated the concept of circular economy into our core strategies. These strategies help retain the value of plastics and find their ways to our new product offerings SCG GREEN POLYMER encompassing four major solutions: REDUCE - Enhancing Material for Eco-Efficiency; RECYCLABLE - Design for Recyclability; RECYCLE - Mechanical & Advanced Recycling, and RENEWABLE Bioplastics.

Embedding with our SMX™ Technology, our breakthrough innovation helps strengthen polyethylene resins and reduce the wall thickness in a product while retaining its functional properties. This does not only save raw material in manufacturing but also makes the product more lightweight, which translates to less energy required for transportation and less carbon dioxide emissions. To keep hard-to-recycle out of the environment, we have developed and enhanced better PP and PE resins to become practical options for mono-materiality. The solution enables full recyclability, while achieving existing properties, and will help to improve post-consumer management. The solution is currently in the development process done in conjunction with several brand owners.

High Quality Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR) is one of innovation in the “Recycle” solution. With our exclusive formulations and wide-ranging network of household waste collection, we can turn waste into high-quality PCR HDPE. Our PCR complies with global traceability standards such as Global Recycle Standard (GRS) and it can replace the use of virgin raw materials from at least 25% up to 100%, an achievement that is in line with global commitments from brand owners. Ultimately, our PCR pushes the boundaries of environmentally friendly packaging innovations. Moreover, we have developed advanced recycling technology that turns post-consumer plastics into recycled feedstock for virgin plastic resin production. This advanced technology utilizes catalyst to promote energy saving and environmental friendliness for the recycling process.

It sounds very easy to recycle plastic; however; there are significant gaps to be closed. Apart from our material advancements and eco-friendly technologies that play a key role in this scenario, we have to collaborate for sufficient recycling infrastructure in communities. Secondly, we have to develop a culture and rewarding system across the value chain for efficient sorting and collection as household waste is by nature scattered in small sources. And, the third challenge is the impurity that follows such litter requires extensive sorting and cleansing before the plastic can be reused,said Tine Rorvik, Global Director Circular Economy at SCG Chemicals.

Our Bio Compostable Compound offers unique products made from renewable resources in which contributing to greenhouse gas emissions reduction along the chain. The resin is ready to use as a drop-in compound and processing friendly. There are a number of recognized certifiers in Europe, DIN CERTCO and Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) in USA.

Ultimately, SCG Chemicals expects our approach to delivering SCG GREEN POLYMERto develop further as a foundation for sustainable material advancements. While the green technology will help benefit our society and planet. For more information about our SCG GREEN POLYMER, please contact