1 Nov 2023

The Lifesaver: Promoting Safety Culture Through Communities and Schools

SCGC has propagated a safety culture within the organization known as "The Lifesaver." This initiative encourages all employees to look out for one another and work safely, acting as the Lifesaver. This initiative has been expanded to communities, especially at a time when there were significant road safety issues. Rayong Province, in particular, has some of the highest road accident statistics in the country. SCGC, in collaboration with the government and community members, has promoted road safety awareness, emphasizing discipline and adherence to traffic rules. Examples include wearing helmets, securing seat belts, and abstaining from drinking and driving. This initiative has led to a positive behavioral change in many individuals. Building on this, the initiative has been rolled out to students through the "The Lifesaver in School" program, engaging 1,250 students annually, as well as "The Lifesaver in Community" program, which involves participation from 16 communities across 8 districts, along with 16 police stations piloting the efforts in Rayong Province, reaching 1,000 individuals annually.

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