4 Sept 2018

PVC Sheet Sub-roof Collaboration for the Perfect Solution to Leaky Roofs

Roofs play a vital role of shielding residents and their properties inside from sunlight, rain, and all the elements. With such a demanding duty, it is normal for roofs to become worn over time, especially with the roof of such a historic building like Luang Vichit-Vadakan House.

Given its historical significance, any renovation to protect the treasure trove of objects of inestimable value inside is a project that requires utmost sensitivity and must be carried out with greatest care.

Through extensive research and development, SCG Roof Renovation, a roofing professional with technical expertise, and Chemicals Business, SCG, a polymer specialist, have collaboratively invented PVC Sheet Sub-roof, a product designed to solve all issues that can lead to leaky roofs, from incorrect roof tile angles to years of usage. This innovation is also friendly to installation technicians because it is lightweight, tough, and durable, and can also be cut to any desired length for the installation. At the same time, home owners can rest assured that their renovation project will be convenient and safe for their structure

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