14 Mar 2018

Floating Solar Farm

Floating Solar Farm - SCG Chemicals’ Eco Innovation: Solar Power for Better Future
The First Floating Solar Solution in Thailand 

SCG Chemicals bolsters its prominence as a petrochemical and high-quality polyethylene resin producer coupled with reinforcing superior expertise in engineering and material sciences in plastic product design which allows the company to explore and create Thailand's first "Floating Solar Farm."

The concept of SCG Chemicals' "Floating Solar Farm” is inspired by blocks & building toys which offers simple installation advantage with excellent outdoor durability from the use of superior UV stabilized HDPE material. SCG Chemicals' floating solar farm is eco-innovation earmarked for usage in the industry.

1) Simple and Quick Installation. Designed to minimize joint system inspired by the concept of blocks & building toys.

2) Space Efficiency. Diminishing 1,000 sq.m. or 10% of space used (based on a megawatt-to-megawatt comparison of electricity produced)

3) Streamlined installation. Compatible with various area types.

4) Up to 25 Years of Usage. Manufactured from UV Stabilizer HDPE which offers excellent benefits of long-lasting UV protection which allows plastic panels to stay durable under strong exposure to sunlight. 

5) Eco-friendly design. Using safe, environmentally harmless and recyclable materials to ensure none toxic contaminate release to eco system.

Characteristics of Floating Solar Panel
1) Space efficiency
2) Increasing production capacity. Floating Solar Panels leverages natural cooling effects which maximize power generation by 5-20% compared to ground-mounted solar systems and rooftop solar systems (depending on the location and weather conditions)
3) The floating solar panels' shade reduces evaporation and maintains the moisture level in the area which significantly benefits drought-prone regions.

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