26 Dec 2017

Innovative Transparent ZERVEboard access panels

Although natural light is essential to houses, especially townhouses, there might still be interior spaces where light cannot reach that not only necessitate electric lights but may also leave the areas feeling musty. With this issue in mind, Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited, in collaboration with the Siam Gypsum Industry (Saraburi) Co., Ltd. and Thai MMA Co., Ltd., a joint venture of SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Japan), has developed transparent access panels for bathrooms and ceilings in stairways - Thailand’s first access panel innovation that not only provide accessibility into the plenum but also helps with indoor lighting, gives a modern touch to a house and enhances its energy efficiency.

Transparent ZERVEboard Access Panel

The combination of transparent ShinkoLite acrylic sheets and ready-to-use ZERVEboard access panels has resulted in Thailand’s first innovative access panel that not only brings into any home beauty and natural light but also helps create hygiene and conserve energy.

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