9 Apr 2024

SCGC™ HDPE H619F for Blown Film Extrusion: Sustainable Print Web Solutions for Recyclable Flexible Packaging

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In the manufacturing of flexible plastic packaging, there are various types of films used as raw materials. Blown Film Extrusion is one of the widely used technologies for producing plastic films. With many packaging manufacturers capable of producing such films themselves, the supply chain management becomes easier, enhancing flexibility in conducting business.

By developing a formulation using high-density polyethylene resins from SCGC™ HDPE H619F as a component, the films produced through the Blown Film Extrusion technology exhibit superior properties in terms of stiffness, clarity, and gloss compared to conventional blown films available in the market. Thus, they can be efficiently utilized as printing layer in the packaging films, offering an alternative to Nylon (BOPA) or Polyester (BOPET) films in packaging layers. When using polyethylene material in the printing layer and sealant layer, the packaging becomes a mono-material packaging that can be efficiently recycled.

Moreover, there's an opportunity to reduce film thickness through formulation development, which not only enhances price competitiveness but also reduces resource usage and minimizes greenhouse gas emissions. In using SCGC™ HDPE H619F, SCGC has experts who can provide guidance on formulation and production processes to achieve a balance between stiffness, clarity, and gloss.

Films from Blown Film Extrusion technology are suitable for flexible packaging for various products such as food and consumer goods and fit for numerous types of sealing, including 3-side seal pouches, 4-side seal pouches, and center seal pouches, mostly used in packaging with simple graphic designs. SCGC™ HDPE 619F has been commercially proven to be converted, printed, laminated with LLDPE films, and recyclable into various commercial packaging by leading packaging manufacturers.

Mr. Wattana Krisanavarin, Deputy Managing Director of Thai Nam Poly Pack Co., Ltd. said, "Over the past 5 years of developing, Thai Nam has been actively developing environmentally-friendly mono-material packaging solutions. Today with SCGC's plastic resins and film formulations, we can reduce thickness while maintaining film stiffness. Ensuring no impact on quality and speed, encompassing both the gravure printing process and the coating lamination steps. This development is set to be a game-changer for Mono-PE in the flexible packaging industry.

Mr. Ong-art Ngamdamronk, Managing Director of NGM Industrial Co., Ltd., said, "After experimenting with HDPE grade H619F, the company found that the blown films exhibit enhanced clarity and stiffness, streamlining the printing process for greater efficiency with great aesthetic look. After laminating with LLDPE films, the resultant pouches boast superior quality and heightened stability compared to previous formulations. These findings are immensely satisfying, presenting yet another stride in material innovation to address the growing need for recyclable plastics packaging.” For further inquiries, please contact

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