18 Mar 2024

SCGC Delivers Innovative HDPE resin for 100% Recyclable Flexible Packaging

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Plastic is a highly popular material for packaging in various industries due to its versatile properties such as durability, lightweight, moisture and oxygen barrier capabilities to extend product shelf life, and competitive cost. However, responsible plastic usage cooperation can be fostered, choosing recyclable plastic packaging is a sustainable approach.

Machine Direction Orientation Polyethylene Film (MDOPE) is a special type of stretchable plastic film innovation. Using the MDO process results in thinner, stiffer and stronger film compared to films produced through conventional blown film extrusion method. This allows for high-speed printing without compromising print registration accuracy, thus MDOPE films can replace Nylon (BOPA) or Polyester (BOPET) films in printing substrates. When MDOPE films, printed and coated with LLDPE, which is a similar Polyethylene type, they achieve 100% recyclability.

MDOPE films from SCGCTM HDPE H619F offer outstanding properties for mono-material packaging, ensuring beautifully shaped and appearing of pouches, enhanced optical properties, and high temperature resistance also enables a large sealing window during pouch making and sealing processes. They are ideal for flexible packaging of various products such as chilled and frozen foods, dry goods, and lightweight liquid consumer products, capable of being formed into various shapes including 3-side seal pouches, 4-side seal pouches, stand-up pouches, and more.

In practical applications, MDOPE films produced from SCGCTM HDPE H619F pellets, in collaboration with leading companies such as Unique Plastic Industries Co., Ltd. and Prepack Thailand Co., Ltd., have been utilized in mono-material packaging production, such as Cargill and PFP brand frozen food pouches, demonstrating compatibility with existing packaging solutions and meeting market demands, offering sustainable packaging alternatives to consumers.

Mr. Soros Yodmongkol, Chief Executive Officer of Unique Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., stated, "As plastic film producer, we are well aware of the global plastic waste issue. Yet, plastic products offer various advantages such as moisture and oxygen barrier properties to extend product shelf life, lightweight that enhance cost reduction in transportation and storage. However, we are also aware of the necessity to improve plastic circulation and prevent plastic pollution, aiming to conserve resources and protect the environment.

Within the Circular Economy framework, Unique Plastic is committed to promoting innovation in our products, especially films made from the same type of material structure, or Mono-Material, responding to market demands of the packaging market that seeks packaging to be reused and more easily decomposed. In addition to these films, we also collaborate with industry partners and governments to support efficient waste management and recycling systems.

Creating innovation is a complex and challenging process that requires cooperation from industry partners from start to finish. SCGC is one of the key partners that helps develop the properties of plastic pellets to meet the quality requirements for producing MDOPE films, improving their quality.”

Mr. Virat Wongvarodom, Managing Director of Prepack Thailand Co., Ltd., added, "At Prepack, we are committed to continuously developing packaging to meet customer satisfaction and respond to consumer behavior trends that increasingly prioritize environmental concerns. Therefore, we focus on researching and developing sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging innovations, which are more than just conventional packaging typically made of various materials (multi-materials).

Mono-Material flexible plastic packaging is one of the packaging solutions we have developed. By using our own MDOPE printing layer film produced from SCGCTM HDPE H619F resins, we can manufacture high-quality MDOPE films and distribute flexible plastic packaging made from Mono-Material that meets diverse usage needs. These packages can maintain the desired product shelf life, and they are recyclable according to the principles of the circular economy.

This is another step towards success in being a manufacturer and distributor of environmentally responsible and sustainable flexible plastic packaging. It contributes significantly to the environment and society, making our world a better place to live."

SCGC is ready to develop recyclable packaging in cooperation with partners to meet the needs of the entire supply chain. Interested parties can inquire for more details at

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